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Maxton have now become the UK and European distributer for E.N Products a Canadian company manufacturing classic and vintage motorcycle components to a very high standard. For more information about E.N Products CLICK HERE Almost identical to the original items these 38mm fork reproductions are available in Aluminium and also Magnesium alloy (CLICK HERE) The base unit is equipped with Maxton GP20 cartridge internals and are adjustable for rebound damping. The up-graded options are for rebound and compression damping and pre-load adjustment can be added. When ordered the forks are sprung for the weight of your bike and the rider weight.

The units seen here are equipped with 4 pot Brembo calipers from the early 90’s but Brembo F08 calipers which were the original equipment for these forks are a direct bolt-up fitment. Other Brembo callipers and adaptors for these forks will be available soon.

Weight of aluminium castings: 1065 gm each

The forks have 130mm suspension travel and come in two lengths :

740mm (centre of axle to end of chrome tube) Part #F38A-S 740 mm OL

800mm (centre of axle to end of chrome tube) Part #F38A-L 800mm OL