At Maxton Engineering we pride ourselves in maintaining high standards of workmanship. To keep these standards we manufacture everything "in house", this way we can control exactly what leaves our workshop.

When assembling dampers and forks there are certain products used that we are unable to manufacture ourselves. Two of the most important items required to assemble shock absorbers and front forks are tools and the suspension fluid.

Beta Tools supplied by MotoGF

Having the correct tool for the job is very important. Having good quality tools is even more important.

Beta Tools have had a strong association with motorsport for over 40 years. In the world of Formula 1, Beta have helped Scuderia Ferrari to become world champions as their official supplier. MotoGP currently has Beta Tools as official supplier to 4 teams, including the current World Champions Yamaha and Valentino Rossi. Beta Tools are constantly challenged to deliver tools that can make champions.

Moto GF came about quite naturally through the demand from motorsport enthusiasts.

They had been supplying the UK Oil & Gas industry with Beta tools for over 10 years and knew the performance and value that they gave in this demanding environment. They began to be inundated with requests from professional teams and motorsport enthusiasts specifically looking for Beta tools and knew it was time to setup a dedicated service. MotoGF was born in March 2008. In a short space of time they have built up an impressive client list that includes Formula1 and British Superbike teams.

MotoGF is not just about being involved with the glamorous big-budget side of these sports: it's also about making these same tools accessible to the enthusiasts at the grass roots. MotoGf not only supply Beta tools, they also supply a wide range of engineering products from adhesives such as Loctite to fasteners.

In a short space of time they have built up a reputation for great service within the industry and here at Maxton we have no hesitation in recommending their products.


Manufacturing a damper to a high standard would not mean anything if the oil used inside the damper was poor quality. At Maxton we use Putoline Oils in our shock absorbers and fork conversions.

Putoline Oil was established in 1970 by Jan Put in Bladel near Eindhoven. At first, Jan Put focused mainly on the sale of lubricants for bicycles and mopeds. Partly because of his own hobby, specific lubricants for MX motorbikes were soon added to this. Because of their high quality and the positive experiences with these products, these specific lubricants soon became a household word in the world of motorbikes.

In the early 80s, the popularity of Putoline Oil products extended beyond the Dutch borders and Putoline Oil products were exported to various countries. In the years that followed, export activities grew rapidly.

In 1992 Jan Put sold his company to Theo Kothuis. The product lines were expanded even further. Lines for road bikes, ATVs, quads, karts and jetskis were added to the product range. The products were given a more up-to-date and very attractive look.

Putoline Oil has developed into a worldwide, leading brand in the industry of motorbike lubricants and maintenance products. Its success is based on high quality in combination with a very comprehensive, attractive product line. In addition, the brand is marketed by an enthusiastic, competent team of people who have made service and accessibility their priorities.

Putoline supply to many British Superbike teams including Hydrex Honda and TAS Suzuki.