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1. 35mm Alloy Yoke (pictures top row) Available in Aluminum or Magnesium alloy these cast classic drop top yokes are closely modelled on the 70’s Suzuki TR750 and early model Suzuki RG500’s. Aluminum Models: Centers: 180mm | Off set: 35mm | Weight: 1070 gm. Supplied with black oxide fasteners. A stainless steel fastener upgrade is available.

2. 35mm Magnesium Alloy Yokes (picture second row left) These magnesium alloy versions are dimensionally identical to the aluminum ones but are finished in flat black. They are supplied with Black Oxide fasteners and although Stainless fasteners are available, they are not recommended for use with magnesium. All threads are fitted with Helicoils to protect from wear. Weight: 730 gm.

3. Adjustable steering stems, (picture second row right) These adjustable steering stems are not designed to fit anything other than our fork yokes. There are just too many combinations of head stock length, and bearing size to be accommodated by a “one size fits all approach. They do provide the basis from which, with some help from your local machine shop, you can adapt to fit most motorcycles. Part #AS35(for 35mm yokes) Part #AS38(for 38mm yokes)

4. Front Mudguard (pictures bottom row and extreme right) To compliment the 38mm forks and yokes we offer this Carbon Fiber front fender. Seen here in 1976 Factory Suzuki Colors it is supplied unpainted and undrilled in white gel coat. Also available are cable / hose guides at a small extra charge. Part #FF38/200 Front Fender Part #CG Hose/Cable Guide