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The GP30 fork internal cartridge kit is the new addition to range of Maxton fork conversions. The GP30 fork internals are designed to fit into any modern upside down fork. They are adjustable for rebound damping, compression damping and preload. Each cartridge is built to order so we valve the cartridge to suit the individual and the bike. The cartridges also are supplied with springs to suit rider weight and the bike.

We have manufactured the GP30 cartridges to keep up with the racing demands of modern riders, bikes and tyres. The internals have been developed to give greater "feel" mid corner whilst giving support under braking. The damping adjusters give a finer and greater range of adjustment than a normal 20mm or 25mm fork conversion. The rebound damping and compression damping adjusters click, making the forks easier to use.

The GP30 cartridges have been designed and developed by our own technicians. All of the components are machined at Maxton by our engineers, so we can closely control the quality of all the components. The cartridges have been machined from a high grade 6082 and 7075 Alloy and hard anodised to protect the internals from wear. The springs used in the GP30 cartridges have been manufactured from Silicon Chrome to our own specification. They are rate checked by the manufacturers, then by our own engineers using our own equipment to ensure they are correct. The cartridges can either be supplied direct to the customer, for them to fit to their forks with a recommended oil and air gap, or by our own technicians. The GP30 cartridge kit also comes with a full set of tools and instructions, so the customer can adjust the forks and change the springs themselves if required.

The GP30 fork cartridges are used by Superstock, Supersport and Superbike teams running in British Superbikes and the Isle of Man TT. Riders who have used the GP30 cartridges include Conor Cummins, Simon Andrews, Ryan Farquhar, Ian Lougher, Dan Kneen and Victor Cox.


  • Designed to fit any modern upside down racing fork
  • Designed, developed and manufactured by our team of engineers and designers at Maxton
  • 30mm Piston design for improved damping performance and greater front end feel
  • All components hard anodised to prevent wear
  • Each pair of cartridges are valved and sprung to suit the rider
  • Greater range of damping adjustment
  • Rebound damping adjustment
  • Compression damping adjustment
  • Preload Adjustment
  • Damping adjustment clicks for ease of use
  • Silicon Chrome springs, rate checked by Maxton after manufacture
  • Maxton s technical back up and support