GPR steering dampers are unlike conventional steering dampers. They mount to the top of the headstock using the top headstock lock nut. Instead of the dampers moving up and down they rotate. So they are a rotary steering damper. The biggest advantage of this is that the rotary steering damper can be mounted on bikes to work at a 1 to 1 ratio. This ratio is the relationship between the movement in the steering and the movement in the steering damper.

On modern bikes there is not enough room for the steering dampers to be mounted down the side of the chassis at a 1 to 1 ratio. So the maunfacturers mount them across the top yoke or across the bottom yoke. The problem with this is they work at a higher ratio, in some cases 3 to 1, so for smaller steering movements, the steering damper piston does not move enough to meter a sensible amount of oil. This results in a loss of damping over small steering movements. So the steering damper often has to be wound up on to a high setting to stop any 'tank slapper' building up. Running the steering damper on a high setting makes the steering very heavy in slow corners and also puts a lot of load on the mounting brackets and damper seals. This can result in dampers seals leaking or mounting brackets breaking.

As the GPR steering damper works at a 1 to 1 ratio it moves a lot more oil around the damper and therefore meters a lot more oil making the damper more effective at slow speed movements. This means that the steering is controlled or damped straight away and means you do not have to run the damper at as higher setting. Making the bike easier to turn at slower speeds whilst having control at higher speeds.

Maxton have been recommending GPR dampers for around 8 years. We have been involved with them for about 8 years. Ryan Farquhar was one of the first racers to use GPR dampers at the North West 200 and the Isle of Man TT in 2003. Ryan was using Maxton Suspension then so we were involved with the bike and we were very impressed with the GPR steering dampers straight away. Since then we have always recommended GPR dampers and are now selling them.

The GPR dampers are mounted to the headstock using a fitting kit. The fitting kit is different for each bike. So there is a price for the GPR damper and a price for the GPR fitting kit.

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