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The Maxton hydraulic preload adjuster is a replacement for our manual ‘Tommy Bar’ preload adjuster ring.  On some installations it is very difficult or impossible to get at the ‘tommy bar’ preload adjuster ring because of the plastic fairings on a bike.  In this situation the hydraulic preload adjuster is ideal. 

To adjust the preload adjuster you simply turn the black handle/knob on the end of the adjuster unit and it hydraulically drives a cylinder which sits above the main spring on the monoshock.  The handle of the hydraulic preload adjuster is mounted externally on the bike making it very easy to get to and adjust, whilst the main drive cylinder sits on the shock and preloads the spring.

The adjuster is machined from an aircraft grade 6082 alloy and the stainless steel hose is the highest quality Goodridge hose with a smoke carbon plastic wrap to protect your bike from hose scratching.  We build the hydraulic preload adjusters to order so can make the hose any length you require to suit individual requirements.

The Maxton Hydraulic Preload adjuster will only fit Maxton GP10, RT10 and NR4 monoshocks.  There are some models of bike where the shock absorber design is too short to fit a hydraulic preload adjuster, but this is very rare.

The hydraulic adjuster can be retro fitted to some models of Maxton unit, so you can upgrade your existing Maxton unit.

The cost of the hydraulic preload adjuster varies from bike to bike. For more details and prices email us at