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In some installations there is no need for a shock absorber with lots of adjustment, the customer may only be riding the bike on the road and the type of bike the shock absorber is going to be fitted to is limited in its use. In this situation the RT10 monoshock can be a bit of overkill or too expensive for the value of the bike, so we offer a shock absorber without a remote reservoir - the NR4 monoshock.

The NR4 monoshock has all the build and design quality of RT10 monoshock but with less adjustment, so therefore less cost. The NR4 is adjustable for rebound damping, compression damping, preload adjustment and ride height adjustment where possible. The compression damping adjuster is a unique design, and even though the NR4 has no remote reservoir it still has a compression damping adjuster on top of the shock body. To access the compression damping adjuster you have to remove the spring from the shock absorber.

The NR4 monoshock components have been CNC machined from billet 7075 alloy. Each unit is assembled individually to order, to suit each rider weight and to suit what they use the bike for.

The NR4 monoshock has our unique design Tommy Bar preload adjuster ring with its clever locking mechanism. This means you do not have to loosen or tighten anything, you simply insert the Tommy bar into the hole in the adjuster ring and drive it round to the desired position. The Tommy Bar adjuster ring is positioned carefully on the shock so you can access it easily on the bike. So carrying out the adjustment takes only seconds.

Even though the NR4 monoshock has no remote reservoir it still has a separating piston between the oil and gas. This prevents the oil thinning as its runs through the damping system and so prevents the damper going off or going soft. Most monoshocks without a remote reservoir do NOT have a separating piston.

To summarise the NR4 monoshock :

  • It is a bespoke unit built to order by the Maxton factory
  • Valved and sprung to suit the riders weight and what they use the bike for, all dampers come preset ready to bolt to the bike
  • CNC machined from 6082 and 7075 billet alloy
  • Hard anodised to prevent wear and corrosion
  • Rebound damping adjustable
  • Compression damping adjustable
  • Tommy bar preload adjustment, so preload can be changed in seconds
  • Ride height adjustment if possible