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In 2010 we launched the latest version of our remote reservoir unit, the RT10. The RT10 unit has been introduced for road and track day users. The RT10 has also been used in club race championships this year with great success. The RT10 has been introduced for users who want a slightly larger range of adjustment, in other words each click is more noticeable. The GP10 unit has a fine range of damping adjustment, which is good for racers racing at a high level, it means they can get a very precise set up. But for road riders or racers riding at club level a fine range of damping adjustment may not be very noticeable. The RT10 is then the perfect shock for these riders as it combines all the benefits of a good quality, well engineered shock absorber with a range of adjustment that helps them set the bike up quickly.

The RT10 unit can be supplied as a piggyback remote reservoir unit or as a remote reservoir unit that is connected to the damper body via a stainless steel braided hose. Generally we copy the Œoriginal equipment Œinstallation. If the standard unit has a piggyback, we try to design the Maxton RT10 unit with a piggyback, but in some cases we can not, due to the design of the bike.

The RT10 unit is an alloy bodied shock absorber, hard anodised to protect the unit from wear and corrosion. The shock absorber components have been CNC machined from billet 7075 alloy. Each unit is assembled individually to order, to suit each rider weight and to suit what they use the bike for. The units are adjustable for rebound damping, high and low speed compression damping, preload and ride height adjustment. The unit comes with either a 14mm or 16mm piston rod depending on the installation.

The RT10 unit has our Œeasy to adjust¹ Tommy Bar preload adjuster. You simply insert a Tommy Bar into the holes in the preload locking ring and drive the ring around. The preload ring is positioned so you can access it on the bike easily. There is no need to loosen grub screws, so the preload can be altered in seconds!

As always we are constantly improving our dampers to suit the needs of road and race customers. The RT10 unit is based around these developments and improvements we have made to our RT10 unit over the previous years.

  • The RT10 Monoshock has been designed, developed and manufactured "in house" by our team of engineers and technicians
  • It is a bespoke unit built to order by the Maxton factory
  • Valved and sprung to suit the riders weight and what they use the bike for, all dampers come preset ready to bolt to the bike
  • Movable piggyback remote reservoir
  • CNC 3D machined from 7075 billet alloy
  • Hard anodised to prevent wear and corrosion
  • Rebound damping adjustable
  • High and low speed compression damping
  • Tommy bar preload adjustment, so preload can be changed in seconds
  • Increased range of damping adjustment for quicker set up
  • New piston design for Increased flow of oil around unit for improved damping performance
  • 14mm or 16mm Induction hardened piston rods
  • Ride height adjustment