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The T260 twinshocks are built to order. This means that they can be made to suit any suitable installation. The shocks are separately adjustable for rebound damping and preload. We can also change the unit to suit individual needs, such as a change in length to make the bike turn quicker or slower. We can also supply replacement extended top eyes to lengthen the shocks if necessary.

The T260 shock is the first twinshock Maxton have made with gas pressure. This allows more control of the how much the suspension moves. This means that you can run a softer spring rate, which in turn allows the suspension to track the road better and give more ³feel² to the rider. The gas pressure also replaces any air that would of been in the older designed twinshocks, meaning the damping is less likely to fade with use.

The T260 damper has been designed and developed by our in-house by our team of engineers and technicians. It is manufactured from 6082 T6 Alloy to save as much weight as possible, whilst keeping its strength and durability. All the components on the T260 have been anodized to prevent corrosion. The internals of the new damper have been designed so the oil can flow around the chambers with ease, allowing better performance over a low and high speed movement. All internal moving parts have friction free bearings fitted, to prevent wear and "sticktion".

  • Designed, Developed and manufactured by out 'in house' team of engineers
  • New designed 26mm piston for improved damping and increased "feel".
  • Gas pressure for damping stability.
  • Improved design for increased flow.
  • Adjustable rebound damping.
  • Adjustable preload.
  • Clicks on the rebound damping adjuster for larger and finer range of damping adjustment.
  • Tommy bar preload adjustment for ease of use.
  • Manufactured from 6082 T6 Alloy to reduce weight.
  • Hard Anodized to prevent wear and corrosion.
  • New light weight design - half the weight of our previous twinshock
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