The Maxton suspension kit for the TL1000S keeps the springing and damping separate, unfortunately there is not enough room to mount a conventional shock absorber with spring and damping together. The Maxton damping unit mounts where the rotary damper fits, you do not have to modify the original Suzuki frame to fit a Maxton damper. We do not supply a spring unit, we use the existing spring unit and change the Suzuki spring for a Maxton spring. For more information including price click here (have a link to the contact form).

Click on unit picture for close-up

The TL1000S Maxton Damper Kit TL1000S Maxton Damper Adjustment on the Maxton unit
Maxton Damper fitted to the bike. It is bolted to the outside of the top rotary damper mount, and the swingarm where the lever arm for the rotary damper was mounted Remote Reservoir fitted to left rear passenger footrest carrier Harder Maxton spring fitted to original spring unit
To remove original spring you need to reduce the diameter indicated using a lathe