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The RT10 TZ Monoshock is our latest design shock absorber for the cantilever style TZ frames. The unit is based on our very successful RT10 monoshock that we supply for race and road bikes.

The RT10 TZ monoshock fits all models of TZ250, TZ350, TZ500 and TZ750 standard frames and also Harris and Spondon frames without having to modify the tank or the frame. The RT10 TZ damper has been designed, manufactured and developed by our team of in-house engineers, we build each individual unit to order so we can spring and valve them to suit the riders weight and what they are using the bike for. The damping adjusters on the unit are then preset for the customer at a base setting for them to start from. The RT10 TZ unit is adjustable for rebound damping, high speed compression damping, low speed compression damping, preload and ride height adjustment. The RT10 unit’s preload adjuster has our ‘easy to adjust’ Tommy Bar system. You simply insert the tommy bar provided with the unit into the holes in the ring and drive the ring around. There is no need to loosen grub screws, so the preload can be altered in seconds.

The RT10 TZ monoshock is a gas pressurised damper and has a special floating piston to separate the Nitrogen gas and oil, this prevents the damping from fading. We have CNC machined the damper is from 7075 T6 alloy then anodised the components to protect them from wear and corrosion.

The dampers unique design means the unit can be fully adjustable with high and low speed compression damping without the need for an external remote reservoir. This makes the unit eligible for all forms of classic racing from I.C.G.P to C.R.M.C to the Classic TT and obviously gives you complete control over the rear wheel using the compression damping adjusters. This is a very useful advantage in the wet, giving the bike more rear grip

To make sure we build the unit correct for you first time and because so many of the chassis have been modified or updated we always ask the customer to provide the following information :

  • The fully extended length of the unit you require between centres
  • The top eye sizes (bolt size and width across the flats of the top eye)
  • The bottom eye sizes (bolt size and width across the flats of the bottom eye)
If you were not sure about the above information we can provide help for you or recommend a fully extended length. At Maxton we are constantly improving our dampers to suit the needs of road and race customers, the RT10 TZ monoshock is based around the developments required for our race customers from our previous TZ monoshock. To recap :
  • The RT10 TZ Monoshock has been designed, developed and manufactured “in house" by our team of engineers and technicians
  • It is a bespoke unit built to order by the Maxton factory
  • Valved and sprung to suit the riders weight and what they use the bike for, all dampers come preset ready to bolt to the bike
  • Easy adjustable compression damping without the need for an external reservoir
  • CNC 3D machined from 7075 billet alloy
  • Hard anodised to prevent wear and corrosion
  • Rebound damping adjustable clicker
  • High and low speed compression damping
  • Tommy bar preload adjustment, so preload can be changed in seconds
  • Ride height adjustment
  • New piston design for Increased flow of oil around unit for improved damping performance